17 February 2014

Excepts from "Families," a novel available for free on iTunes.(First three chapters online, next five on the way.)

     Ten short excerpts from my novel, "Families," are on another blog "A ten-year-old in Olney, 1968."

08 February 2014

Winter Wonderland (Winter of 2014 version)

(To the tune of Winter Wonderland)

School is closed
Kids are twitching
In the street, cars are slipping
A miserable blight
Is upon us tonight
Bitching 'bout this frozen, snowy land

This is a real conundrum
who moved all our houses to the tundra?
This sub-zero cold
Is getting real old
Bitching 'bout this frozen, snowy land

In the city, there are ten foot snow drifts
You can't park your car when they're around
Your garage is covered
with more snow drifts
Leave you car in the street
Just shut it down

Power out
House is freezing
Frozen pipes will soon be leaking
It's warmer tonight
under Northern Lights
Bitching 'bout a frozen, snowy land.

In the yard, kids built a snowman
Looks just like our mailman, Mr. Brown
The kids said they didn't build a snowman
Come quick, we've got to save Mr. Brown

Some folks say
Snow is thrilling
They're the ones
Making a killing
Renting vacation homes
In warm weather zones
Bitching 'bout a frozen, snowy land
Bitching 'bout a frozen snowy land