15 September 2014

Library Appeal

Hello, Olneyites!

Back in July, Don Mason generated 366 Likes and 127 comments with his post about the Greater Olney Library.

Since then, we've been toying with this idea: Our group – the 4,233 listed members on the Olney page, could be a positive force for Olney, by making a meaningful donation to the Olney branch library.

We are asking you to make a donation to the Olney Branch Library.

Any amount would be helpful. Our combined donations could easily add up to a generous gift.

It’s easy to donate.
Go to https://libwww.freelibrary.org/donate/giving.cfm
Go to “Direct Your Gift.”
Select “My Neighborhood Library.”
Scroll down and select the Greater Olney Branch.

All of your donation will go directly to the Greater Olney Branch Library. Your gift will be confidential, seen only by the library staff.

We realize that there are many deserving causes in the Olney/Philadelphia area. Don’s post showed us that helping the Olney Library is a good place to start.

The library was there for us, let's help it be there for others.

Maureen Kerwin Drinkard and Ken McFarlane    

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